Honeysuckle honey - For sore throats

Honeysuckle  has the most wonderful fragrance and it's such a shame that there is no way to make an essential oil from it.  I have 3 different varieties of it growing in my garden, Lonicera periclymenum Serotina, a yellow early flowering one, L. periclymenum Belgica, a pink and later flowering and Lonicaera caprifolium a yellow that flowers in between the others.  But I absolutely love all their scent and I frequently cut off branches with flowers to put into bouquets to bring the scent into the house.

Honeysuckle had been used as a medicinal plants, both in Europe and China for centuries as a remedy for fever, inflammation and infection.  The Chinese variety L. japonica is more likely to be used medicinally than the European varieties which are not as potent and apparently Honeysuckle isn't much used in modern Western herbalism.  But all the plants contains salicylic acid which is basically what is in aspirin so it can be used for pain and it has some benefits for irritated skin.

Different parts of the plant have a different effect.   The dried branches have been described as a remedy for arthritis, the bark is diuretic, the leaves are astringent and can be used as a gargle for sore throat and canker sores.  The flowers are antispasmodic and have been used to treat both cough and asthma.

Wonderful!  So I picked a jarful of honeysuckle flowers and poured honey over it to cover.  It is important to cover the flowers completely or they may go moldy.  This needs to be stirred every day especially at the beginning when the flowers will rise to the top because of air among them.  Or much simpler, the jar can simply be turned over every day.  After a few times the honey will have replaced the air.  If needed, add some more honey to cover.  The honey is infused for about 4 weeks and then the flowers are strained from the honey.  It may be better to warm the honey a bit to do that.  But when that is done the honey is a wonderful soothing remedy for sore throats this winter.


  1. Muy interesante la receta, me gustaron mucho las propiedades de la madreselva.
    Muchas gracias Nakin.
    un beso

  2. Ohh you're so lucky! it would be wonderful to be able to have fresh honeysuckle to fragrance your home, it sounds like you have a wonderful garden.

  3. Hi Ambra I agree with AromaBeauty Natural Soaps your garden sounds fab and not only that you seem to make great use of your garden too where as myself I'm not green fingered at all but definately admire other peeps gardens so very well done!

  4. Texia - you are welcome :)

    ABNS and Edith - Yes, I love my garden. It's not big, but we have a pond with goldfish and a bunch of plants. I go for the wild look - not too fussy about weeds. Gardens are to enjoy, not be a burden :)


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