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I was tagged by Courtney Robyn at Courtney Robin's nest.  I love the great community of soapers from all over, although I also kind of like being slightly anonymous.  But I'm happy to play along today.  So here are my answers to those questions.

1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Airport security - I'm soooooo sick of discussing my cosmetics with middle aged men and being felt up by strange women.  I just don't understand why they can't leave me alone.

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Oh, that's easy.  Somewhere (anywhere) sunny and wonderful.  I love Sorrento in Italy and that area.   France is also tempting.  Sarasota in Florida is great.  In my utopia "nothing to do with reality" I'd like to live on my grandparents farm in the northwest of Iceland.  Preferably with them in the house that they built, but was crushed in an avalanche ten years before I was born. My grandfather was very innovative and farmed with all kinds of animals, grew strange vegetables and taught my father about the many different plants that grow there.  I'm sure he would have been the first ,bee farmer in Iceland and we would have a few hives and probably have heated arguments and passionate discussions.  My grandmother and I would make soap and creams and jams and herbal potions and blood saussages.  She was a very gentle and sweet woman, my father told me, and  I would have loved to know them both.

3. Have you ever been searched by the cops? (LOL inquiring minds want to know)
No, but airport security has a special fondness for me.

4. What is the one thing on your mind right now?
My masters thesis, my french classes, my mothers bathroom and my daughter's mirror and....
And of course the next soap.  What do you mean one thing? One thing?  On MY mind?

5. Favorite song right now.
This one is my favorite for many, many years.  It's sung by Gail Davies and Emmilou Harris is in the background.  It's called "It's a lovely, lovely world" and it's the happiest song ever!  I used to ride along in my beat up old car when I lived in Colorado in the early 80's and sing along and just become happy. I never thought much about it's name or who sang it and it took me 25 years to find it again and buy it on itunes. I haven't found anything public with this song and it so deserves to be played more often. I made a slightly sentimental video for our anniversary two years ago (husband kept complaining that I wasn't romantic enough.  After making this video, I hardly need to civil anymore.  I SO won!).  
That video is private so even if I posted that for a bit, it was always going to be for a short time
But do look the song up and if you like it it's cheap to buy on itunes, something like 99 cents.  And that is the best depression therapy I know!

I also love Jean Shepherd's "Slippin' Away", especially this video on YouTube.  I have this song on an old record, but her voice is amazing even at her age.  

6. What talent do you wish you had?
To speak French fluently.  Alternatively, if we can be not practical I wish that I could stretch time. I have it on expert authority that one needs to go very, very fast.  

7. Favorite drink.
Ginger ale, especially the one I make myself, and my husband says tastes like Landi (Moonshine) (which I have never tasted, so I can't say).

8. In one word, how would you describe yourself.
Yeah! - See here's the thing.   One word doesn't work for me at all.  I talk a lot and have done since I was little, I'm told.

So I'm not sure how to tag other people, except to name the ones that I want to tag AND haven't already been tagged by Courtney.  So here is my list in no particular order:

Texia - Sanga Natual

Tiggy - Future Primitive

Potions & Chaudrons

Michelle - Soap Pixie

Hellen - Strenua Inertia

Heidi - Happy Tiny Bubbles

Swanee - By Swanee

Edith - Innoscents Handmade Soaps

Lyn - Lynnz Artisan Soaps and Candles

Miss Polly - Miss Polly Soap 

Those who feel so inclined can play along.  It's really up to the individual, but others can go and check out their blogs all of which I read regularly and a lot more.


  1. Ambra me gusto mucho tu video, son muy lindos tu marido y tu, gracias por pensar en mi, yo quisiera mantenerme bajo perfil.
    Un gran abrazo

  2. Ambra, I LOVE the song! Nice video, too. (Ido like lots of EmmyLou's work.) You're so funny..."Gabby" was going to be my next choice for number 8 for myself -guess we're a couple of gabby soapers! :D

  3. Your No 2 is just plain wonderful! I can see you there, I love the image you paint for us. Thank you for sharing that :)

  4. "I'd like to live on my grandparents farm in the northwest of Iceland."

    If you make it to the farm, I'm going to sneak in your suitcase and go along with you.

    I love this Emmilou Harris song! Thank you for the reminder, I want this on my IPOD.

    Thanks for tagging me, I love these types of things :)


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