Lemongrass and madder - Unexpected combo

Those Russian ladies are always cute. I have no idea where
I got them.  Is that weird? The braiding I got in my favorite
flea market The Good Shepherd for about 4 dollars. I used
some of it on my little daybed that I recovered. That post
is still a draft :)
Trying to match fragrance to colour is a challenge, especially when one is committed to using natural colours only.  This combo may or may not be repeated.

I used Madder root for this soap and this time I used a bit more than I have done previously.  The colour is more of a tan than the warm red that I was hoping for, but that may suit the scent better.  Although somehow I guess Lemongrass should be either yellow or slightly green. Which reminds me, I need to try dried Parsley soon!

But I love Lemongrass scent, it lasts so much better than lemon.  The soap smells lovely and I used dried bits of Lemongrass on top.  Tha may not be such a good idea because it was a bitch to cut.

This recipe was the same as the one I used for the Palmarosa soap apart from the colouring material and the scent.  I think I need to wait to use the soap before I decide what I think about it.  I may learn to like it yet.


  1. Lemongrass is one of my fav's. The EO holds very well in soap without an anchor. I agree, finding colors to match scent is very difficult with naturals. I grumble over it all the time. From Nature With Love had this thing on their site once, giving color ideas to go with scents (it was for FO's but it was still really helpful).

  2. Michelle, I had forgotten about that! It is a good idea, here is the link http://www.fromnaturewithlove.com/ColorPalette/searchcolor.asp. Thanks for reminding me :)

  3. It looks really pretty Ambra, love the way you colour match your photos! I agree totally, trying to think of the colours to match the fragrance is so hard sometimes, thanks for that tip Michelle, I can do with any help I can get:) I'm off to check it out now.


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