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I made this soap and I intended it to be just like one that I made last year.  I really liked that soap.  I loved the colour and the scent, and I especially liked they way it felt.  It was the first silk soap that I made.  So I thought I would replicate it.  But I didn't.  In part because I didn't have the exact ingredients and in part because my brain gets ideas most of the time and tends to want to do different things all the time.  And I let it.  Because that way, life is fun and not boring.

So I did this soap, mostly like I did last time, except I couldn't decide if I should use Annatto seeds and make it a soft yellow or use the fresh Rumex oil that I had just started and make it pink.  So I used both.  I thought: Maybe I'll get a pretty orange or coral colour.  But I didn't and it's a rather dark yellow, but that's fine because the really nice thing is that I did a fragrance blend that I really, really liked and the decoration reflected that and I think it just so cute.

The recipe that this one turned out to be is:

38%  - 200g / 7 oz.   Olive oil
28%  - 150g / 5.3 oz.   Coconut oil
19%  - 100g / 3.5 oz.   Lard
6%   -   30g / 1 oz.   Cocoa butter
6%   -   30g / 1 oz.   Sunflower oil (half infused with Annatto seeds and half with Rumex root)
4%   -   20g / 0.7 oz.  Rice bran oil

I used an infusion of Baldursbra/Mayweed as the water.  It gives a lovely yellow colour and also smells really nice.  It's a local herb (almost weed) that is sometimes used the same way as Chamomile.  I also added about a teaspoon of sugar too the tea before dissolving the lye.  Then I added quite a bit of silk threads (still using the bridal silk) and let them dissolve in the lye.

For the scent I used some Sandalwood (the real expensive stuff), Bergamot, Bensoin, Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang.  And as the crowning glory I threw on a few dried flowers: Some tiny rosebuds, some Chamomile and lavender and a few herb leaves that I had hanging somewhere.  I put this in my boudoir    (it's the previous girls room that I now filled with my thrifty treasures) because it smells so nice that I wanted that scent to infuse my special place.

I had this idea a while back that I would like to experiment more with fragrance blends but somehow I haven't really gotten into it that much.  I guess there have been other things to occupy my mind.  But now I feel that I want to make a few experiments.  I've decided to make a few more soaps like this one, but with different fragrance combinations.  I think one very white, but a rosy scent and perhaps one blue (if I can bear to sacrifice my indigo) with a greener sort of scent and then I should do a pink one with either Rumex or Rhubarb oil and something lovely smelling.  Oh, I'm really quite excited about these.  Maybe they look a bit "old lady", but I'm turning into one anyway.  They will be my special blend soaps and I make them in my small 500g mold.  And then I thought I could do a matching fragrance blend for some sugar scrub cubes.  Or dollops, I think dollops look more old fashioned and lady like.  And I would love to do both a bath bomb and lotion bar.  That would make a wonderful Christmas present.

I'm really getting into the Christmas spirit now, in spite of unseasonably warm weather (it's been raining non stop for weeks).  I even baked my first batch of Christmas cookies the other night.  I've never been this early.  Ever.  This is going to be a lovely holiday season.  I can just feel it.  No.  Actually.  I know it.  Because I decided it's going to be just that.  A lovely holiday season.


  1. GORGEOUS!!! That is a masterpiece -makes me think of a wedding for some reason... love love love it!

  2. What a lovely soap and I love the essential oil blend you used.


  3. This one looks and sounds fabulous! Luxurious!! I love this photo... xo Jen

  4. your soap looks amazing, i love the dried flowers and herbs on top, the amount is just right. please put up some pics after unmoulding, i would really love to see how the colours have turned out.

  5. What a wonderful soap! And yes - please post a pic after unmoulding and cutting the soap :-)
    All your soaps are of a kind I really love.

  6. A beautiful soap. I'd like to see it cut up.

  7. Wish I could be next to it to smell it from close; really nice :D

  8. Love, love, love the way you decorated the top! The scent sounds fantastic as well. :)

  9. So pretty! Do you have any pics of the sliced, finished soap? I'd love to see them :-) And how do you like the recipe you posted? Is it one you've tried before?

  10. By the way, I LOVE Pinterest too :-)

  11. When I've tried to use dried herbs and flowers, they turn brown, even on top. Do you add them during gel or something so that it won't discolor?

  12. Sonya, I've had that happen before and I was hesitant to decorate with dried flowers again. But I decided to try. This time I discounted the water quite a bit which I think helps. But I just checked the soaps that I have left and none is showing signs of browning. The pinks, yellows, greens and blues are still bright and pretty. Even this one which I decorated when it was wet. I used the same rosebuds that I have used before. So it must be the water content. I also was careful to let them dry and they haven't been wrapped in any plastic or cellophane.

  13. I love your blog! and love your soap!


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