Enzyme cleaner - does it work?

I made enzyme cleaner.  Way back in the beginning of March.  And then again at the beginning of April.  The recipe is very easy:
1 part brown sugar (I don't think it needs to brown)
3 parts citrus peel (or any other fruit peel, pinapple is supposed to really good)
10 parts water

Put some lemon and orange peel (or pineapple) into a 2 liter plastic bottle and then put in the sugar and water.  Close the bottle and shake it to dissolve the sugar.

Let stand for 3 months and be careful to let off some of the gas that starts to develop in the bottle or it will explode.  After the 3 months are up, strain and use by diluting 1:10 with water to clean most things.  The first webpage where I saw this, The happy homemaker was really happy with the results and it seems so is everyone else, but I'm just not getting it.

I did everything according to the instructions and then I also did another batch using pineapple scraps and I know that pinapple is supposed to have a lot of enzymes and should work really well.  I just decanted the pinapple cleaner.  I had that standing from April 7 until Aug. 20 and it never developed any mold.  It looks nice, it smells pretty similar to the lemon & orange peel one (almost like a plastic smell, does that sound right?) and I think it works just about the same.  Which is to me: Not really.  I really wished this to work although it annoys me, not to understand the chemistry, so if anyone can explain this I would be grateful.  I have no idea what went wrong or if I'm just misunderstanding something.

I guess I can use this as an excuse to my sloppy housekeeping in the last few weeks, although perhaps a more truthful story would be the nice weather.  We have had a record in nice weather, for more than 20 days in a row the temperature has reached 20°C (that's a whopping 68°F) somewhere in the country.  But now we have rain and more rain so now I really need to find out why my enzyme cleaner doesn't really work because I don't have any excuses anymore.  Or maybe it does work and I just have to let it  sit for a while before I wipe it off.  Does anyone know?  Or even care?  Maybe I shouldn't either.


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