The First Day of Summer

Well, the good new is that summer and winter froze together last night.  That signals a very good summer, which is comforting since the weather gods are throwing a spectacle of every variety they can think of at the moment:  Sleet, rain, wind and short (very short) sunny spells. The First Day of Summer is the first day of the year, according to the old Icelandic calendar and the beginning of the month of Harpa.  The Old calendar had two seasons, summer and winter, and people would count their age in winters.  We have been giving gifts on this day for five centuries, which is a lot longer than the tradition of Christmas gifts.  This day was also a special day for courting and romance.

I am having the closest family over for dinner and I made more lip balms.  I realized that the choice of a pink with peppermint or an orange with a flowery scent wasn't really for the boys, so I made a third lipbalm with Annatto oil to give a yellow colour and used Sweet orange oil.  I also have a few junk shop finds for presents (only for those who like that kind of thing) and I made some face cream which I put into new containers which I like very much, airless pumps.  So there will be a few gifts, but nothing expensive.  

Today is also the start of Easter, so this year it gets a bit jumbled with Easter decorations.  Of course they are all about spring and summer so that's fine.  And I am most definitely putting on some white clothes and a bright lipstick to greet summer and the new month of Harpa with a smile on my face. 


  1. Sounds like a great tradition! And those fun lip balms are a perfect way to kick off summer =)

  2. I see very beautiful embroidery on a napkin. Ambra, it is your job? Great!
    The lip balms are very tasty. They will be wonderful gifts!

    Happy Easter!

  3. That table runner is my mothers work so I guess it is almost 50 years old. I used to do embroidery, it was taught in school. I really liked it, I did tons when I was 12 :) I haven't done much since, but I crochet and knit and I can also sew. So not a bad school system, although they didn't allow girls to do woodworking in my days.

  4. ...almost 50 years is a very valuable thing, almost a rarity!

    I can to sew, crochet and knitting and I very love to embroider a cross stitch.


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