Happy Easter

"Sweet is a small gift" was on the little slip of paper that was inside my Easter egg.  I like that a lot better than the slightly insulting admonitions of my youth like: "Money turns many into apes".  But I think they have started to make up new ones rather than use the fairly well known traditional sayings and adages.  My egg is the dark one in the middle, I don't like milk chocolate.  The others are for my daughters.

The small gifts that I had made for The first Day of Summer were appreciated.  I gave the lip balms, some face cream, a few soaps, some beautiful blue yarn that I picked up at a thrift shop and a book.  My mom also brought gifts.  She had picked up some old books, an old (1950's or 60's) German Encyclopedia about crochet and knitting and another on games and card playing which found appreciative new owners.  We really like to go treasure hunting in thrift shops.  There are so many interesting things to find and I also really like old books.  They are often much more current than one would think.  And if they are not, they can be really funny.

My mom gave me "Hlín, the yearbook of Icelandic women", 40 years worth, unbound.  So I guess she approves of my plans to start to dabble in bookbinding.  They date from 1917 to 1957 which was the last year it was published.  It fascinating to read.  I've found 2 soap recipes and quite a few tidbits about dyeing with plants.  Not to mention a few recipes for traditional food.  I have been taking a peep at them, but need to cut up the pages of some of them to get a decent look.  The paper is pretty yellow and I should probably photocopy the oldest onto acid free paper before it crumbles to dust.  I look forward to attempting to bind them.  I think they deserve some nice girly book cloth.  I may have to make my own.  But I can do that :)

But I forget, the point of this post was to say: Happy Easter.  Eat lots of chocolate!



    I don't like milk chocolate too. :o))

  2. Oh yes, dark chocolate gets two thumbs up from me as well! So glad you had such a nice time with your family. The gifts are so special! Hope you enjoy binding your books!


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