My Special Blend - The White One

Inspired by my yellow soap I made a white one.  I used the most delicious enssential oils and although I intended to use the same recipe as for the white one, I didn't have any lard left so I had to make up a new one.  I wanted something similar to the lard, so I reached into the fridge and pulled out duck fat.  I love it for roasting potatoes, but I've never used it in soap but since the profile for it's properties on SoapCalc looked good I gave it a go.

So here it is, my lovely white one with some wildflowers.  I used the rose buds again and then I found some viola flowers that I had dried.  They are really tiny and don't have much of a shape, but they are a vivid blue that almost stands out in the medley of different colours on top of the soap.  I used pretty much everything that I could get my hand on: Lavender, Calendula, Chamomile and Raspberry leaves.  Now I only have to hope that the flower petals last for a bit and don't all turn brown before Christmas.

The recipe is similar to the yellow one:

40% - 200g / 7 oz. Olive oil
30% - 150g / 5.3 oz. Coconut oil
16% - 80g / 2.8 oz. Duck fat
8% - 40g / 1.4 oz. Rice bran oil
6% - 30g / 1 oz. Cocoa butter

I used both sugar and silk in this soap as well and titanium dioxide to make it whiter.  The scent was a blend of my favorite: Neroli with Sandalwood and Bensoin, Bergamot and Palmarosa.  This would be an outrageously expensive soap if I had to price it.  I used half of my tiny bottle of Sandalwood on this recipe, the rest is in the yellow soap.  Sandalwood is a really, really nice scent.  But so terribly expensive.  I would also have loved to use rose in this, but I understand that it is more expensive than gold.  Or maybe that was yesterday, those gold prices are still going up I believe.  But anyway, I really love the scent.  It is a true blend, with the scents merging into a whole different entity where it is hard to recognize the component eo's.

I don't know which one I like best, the white or the yellow.  And then there is the black, which is pretty cool as well.  There is a glimpse of it in the banner photo.  That one is for the next post, but first I need to get the market done.


  1. The scent blend sounds heavenly and this might be the first duck fat soap I've ever heard of! A few unusual soap ingredients going around this fat, breastmilk and now duck fat. Reminds me of that movie Fight Club, where they use the fat of lipo-sucked woman to make a very popular soap.

  2. I've never heard of duck fat soap before. But it looks beautiful, and the eo blend seems to be awesome.

  3. LOL, Well I found it on Soapcalc (as Duck fat, flesh and skin - euogh!) so I thought what the heck! But I have actually rendered my own lard. And that was kinda cool. Maybe I'll do a post on that - but later, it's not a great subject just before Christmas. I got lots of very delicious dog snacks (and my little ladies are VERY picky in that department) so that was good. And the fat was pristine and white and without any smell.

  4. Oh what's a little duck fat between friends?? :)
    My Grandma made soap out of bacon drippings....I'm thinkin' duck fat doesn't sound so bad! (Hubby is a duck hunter, so I guess I could render it? You reckon' I could Google that and give it a whirl?)

  5. Becky, I just did and I Google delivered (as if it wouldn't)! I've just pinned a source. Who knows, maybe I can get my husband to try duck shooting :)

  6. ..and on an entirely different note (aHEMMM!)...I just tried your eo combo and love it! I didn't have straight Neroli, only a Moroccan combination of Neroli and Jasmine. Oh my Ambra..the jasmine (even if it's not everbody's cup of tea) really does a nice job in the whole bouquet. Thanks for inspiring the scent :)

  7. Mmmm, Cocobong I really love this scent and imagine that jasmine would add to it. But the whole thing is just lovely to smell. I'm glad you agree and glad that you tried it It's one of my best eo combinations ever.

  8. Duck fat! Can't imagine they would have very much... LOL! The soaps are so beautiful though! I think I can see the black one in the photo as well - wow!! Hope your market goes well!!


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