Parsley for the fresh green of spring.

The clay plaque is by my little one and it hangs in the
kitchen. I completely fell for the measuring cups I saw
in the MOMA store, especially the colours. I like green.
My body is screaming for spring but unfortunately it is a long way off.  The true season to start to be in the garden isn't really till late May up here in the north.  But I have started to plan my vegetable allotment garden and this weekend I will sow the first plant.  I have been making pots from newspaper.  I did that last year as well and it worked pretty well.  I have to admit that I also just like the way it looks all green, sustainable and kinda cool.

I finally made my green soap.  I have been meaning to use Parsley for ages.  The reason is that Parsley has a lot of Chlorophyll and therefore it should give a good green colour.  Chlorophyll, of course, is what makes Parsley such a good breath freshener after eating garlic.  It's also a great antiseptic, by the way, as well as chock full of vitamins and minerals.  Apparently chlorophyl is available as a colouring substance, but I haven't seen it anywhere myself.  I just dried some parsley that I've had growing in a pot.  I use it in cooking too, not just as garnish, I like it and actually eat it.  Dried Parsley is not oil soluble.  I tried to put some fresh Parsley into oil and even used a stick blender to try to disperse it into the oil.  That did not work at all.  So this I time I crumbled dried Parsley and used 2 tsp which I blended with the EO's into a recipe of 500 g. (about a pound) of oil.  I could have made tea and probably should have, but I wanted to have a part of the soap without colour to play with it.  I'm getting a bit bored with one colour soaps.  But the white part got pretty stiff so I ended up with white lumps in the soap rather than swirls of any kind.  Oh, well!

The recipe I used is a little bit different than last time, but that is only because I ran out of some ingredients.

36% Olive oil
30% Coconut oil
25% Rape seed oil
5% Castor oil
4% Cocoa butter

Water 33%
5% superfat.

I  used a combination of Rosemary, Peppermint and Ginger essential oils for fragrance and the result is a fresh and green scent that almost clears the sinuses.

The soap is very, very soft.  I cut it after a week, but that was difficult.  I don't know if that is the rapeseed oil or not.  I probably should only use 15% of that.  It produces soft soap.  But the colour is still a pretty green although it doesn't really look very green in the photo.  But I have a feeling that it may turn to olive with time.  I'll add that info to this post at a later stage.


  1. Hi Ambra,

    very pretty soap :)

    I know of one company in Europe (I figure you prefer buying in Europe) who sells liquid Chlorophyll

    Other companies located in Europe as well sell Chlorophyll in tablet form.

    Warm regards,

  2. Hi Ambra, Gorgeous green!! I continue to experiment with green and so far the only one I really like in my soaps is green clay... but i have more experiments to try! Let us know how the parsley soap holds the colour! About cutting - I find that any bar with Cocoa Butter needs to be cut same day out of the mould or it gets too hard for me! xo Jen

  3. Hi Ambra - I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I'm hosting the Best Handmade Soap Blog Awards and your blog has been nominated in two categories: Best Information about CP/HP Soap and Best Overall Content. Voting can be found here: Best wishes!!

  4. Thank you Regina for that link.
    jen, I see already that it is starting go go a bit more olive, but it's still green. The tiny flecks of parsley have turned brown. I thi-nk I'll have to try chlorophyll.
    Amy, how fun! I look forward to seing the results.


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