Pink at last - Using fresh Rumex oil

Since I really wanted some pink soap, I kept making soap but this time I used the new Rumex oil.  Only 3 weeks of infusion.  I wasn't at all sure that it would produce any color at all since the oil had only taken on a little color.  With this light yellow oil I was excited to see what would happen.  I made this soap with the usual amount of Rumex oil, about 3% (20 g. to 700 g.)

It turned this lovely light pink.  There is alway a bit of yellow in it where it gells, but the color tends to veer towards pink as it gets exposed to air.  It is pretty amazing to me that the small brown balls and the soap and pink hearts are made with the same material, rumex oil, but just different batches.

I think the conclusion has to be that fresh oil will produce pink, but as it gets older the color will get darker and eventually turn brown.  It doesn't take a lot of oil to color the soap.  I've usually used 15-20 grams in one recipe of 500-700 grams, which is less than 5% of the Rumex oil to the amount of other oils used.  That is very different from the amount of oil that I use when I've used Alkanet oil.  But I really need to try to make soap using less of that.  Could be the next project.  There is always demand for Lavender soap.

For decoration, I used Heather (Calluna) and Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) on top.  Those two are actually very well suited as a decoration on top of soaps because they keep their color well and don't turn brown easily since they sit on top of the soap and don't really get wet.  It actually turned into a very pretty and girly soap.

Now I need to make yet another one, using this very Rumex oil, except it has now been infusing for something like 8-10 weeks.  In fact I just poured it into a jar to discard the Rumex root.  The oil is a lovely, lovely bright golden yellow and it smells lovely.  I have been using it on my face at night and I swear that it does make my skin feel and look better.  Of course my face looks a bit yellow.  The oil must be chock full of antioxidants.  But since my darling husband hasn't even commented yet (other than to tell me I'm beautiful) I'll keep using it.  And btw I'm almost up to 100 grams of cleaned Eiderdown.  Only 900 to go.


  1. That is a lovely girly soap, I love pink soap. And the flowers on the top are so pretty.

  2. How lovely soap they are!! it's really feminine and elegant. I LOVE it!!


  3. What a pretty pink Ambra!! I don't know much about Rumex oil, but it is interesting that is has a nice fragrance that carries through after coming in contact with lye.

    I kept reading all your posts, but couldn't leave a comment due to some blogger issues. Guess it is working again today.

  4. Beautiful, elegant, I really love the tops!

  5. The colour is fantastic. And I like the decoration. So cute!

  6. I like girly soaps too, miss Polly and MIKA. Nitya, don't get me wrong the scent of the oil doesn't survive the lye. I smell it when I use the oil straight on my face. Cynthia-Rose, miscellanea and Heidi - Yes, it turned out a very nice and soft pink. Thank you :)

  7. I had to Pin this one -just so lovely! The flowers on the top are PERFECT! :)


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