Green Clean

Before I started making soap I started to make my own cleaners. I hate, hate, hate the horrible smell and fumes of the stuff that is sold in grocery stores. So I started to experiment with natural cleaners and haven't looked back since.

My basic one that I use for weekly cleaning of just about every surface of the house is simply vinegar, water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. I usually do a 50:50 mix of 4-5% white vinegar and water (less vinegar if I'm using 15%). It's perfect for mild cleaning and the vinegar (I happen to love the smell of that) makes everything smell fresh. Although you can't smell it at all after it evaporates. I sometimes put in a bit of lemon juice for the nice smell and it is also an acid (like the vinegar) that cuts grease really well.

I also use a simple recipe for my untreated wooden floors. It's vinegar and oil. Yes I know, most people call that salad dressing, but it is great as a cleaner and conditioner of wooden floors. Just shake, spray and wipe.

The varnished parquet floors also get treated with vinegar. This time a very weak soapy solution with a cup of vinegar. Makes the varnish shine, shine, shine! I just love vinegar. It has so many uses. It's great as a hair rinse, although I usually can't be bothered. I use it in the dishwasher for the rinse to make sure the glasses are sparkly. I also use it in the washer for the rinse cycle.

And for those who need a quick furniture polish, olive oil with lemon juice works a treat.

The photo: A mixture of vinegar, water, lemon juice and a drop or two of detergent are my favorite cleaning fluid.  I have this great spray bottle that I reused. I'm looking for a pretty spray bottle, anyone?


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