Rebatch soap

I tried rebatching for the first time the other day. The word on the net seemed to be: “Don’t bother, it turns out lumpy and rather un-pleasant”. So, obviously I had to give it a go!

And what fun! I had read a lot of advise and what I did was:
I grated the left over soap bits and pieces with my finest grater. I put it into a stainless steel pot and poured over it a little bit of milk and let it sit over night. This way the soap gratings soak up the liquid and it is easier to melt them. And that is the next stage. That can be done on the stove or in the oven, I chose the oven, put the pot in there on low heat (150 F / 65 C) and went to do something else for just over an hour. I then put the pot on the stove and started to stirr the mix. It did look lumpy and rather unprepossessing. I kept adding a bit of milk and some water to try to make it a bit smoother. And then, since I bake, I thought: “Oh, it’s lumpy, lets whip it”! So I did. I had read somewhere briefly about whipped soap that floats and somehow remembered that.

I loved the result. It turned the soap into a relatively smooth fluffy icing looking thing. So I got out my thing for decorating cakes (I never do that though, I’m no Martha) and made a few meringue-like mini soaps. They were quite cute, so I thought I need to do this again. So I did and this time I added some cocoa powder to a part of it to colour it brown and piped it into muffin forms. Then I piped the uncoloured, white part, on top. So now I have these cute muffin soaps. I added a tiny top of pink on top and it lookes quite cute.

I’m thinking of giving them as gifts to a girl who is getting confirmed.
Hope she likes it

The photo: We found these really cute nightstands at the Good Shepheard flea market. They are made of Oak, but painted white.  They would look even better with a marble top. My daughter and son in law have them. 


  1. I love this idea! We have always used the "confetti soap" to reuse our extra pieces of soap, but this process sounds much more fun and creates several ideas from the cupcakes you have shown here to pretty decorative pieces. thank you for the ideas!!!

    The pictures are amazing. I have used your site for inspiration several times and it always makes me rethink my web-design... which of course is always a work-in-production.

    I especially love the Rosemary Mint photo... looks like waves of soap.



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