What is it about soap

I had an obsession with cosmetics as a teenager. I knew all the lotion and potions of all the major manufacturers. I spent all my savings on cosmetics and read label long before that became fashionable.

Some years ago I became facinated by soaps! I read about soaps and soap making and soap ingredients and I talked about soap to everyone, all the time. Eyes glazed over. People politely stifled yawns and changed the subject. I couldn't understand it! How could people not want to talk about soap?

I stopped being obsessive about soap, at least openly. It seemed complicated to make and very dangerous! Getting lye was the biggest problem. I could get hold of 25 kilo's, but I only wanted a little bit to try! 25 kilo's of lye is a lot of soap. So I gave up my soap making dreams and started making face creams and body lotions and lip balm instead. That was fun and I gave my mom and older sister a jar. You know older sisters, don't you? They never think you're doing anything right, right? Well she wanted more! And she hasn't bought a commercially made face cream since.

Then, one day I invited my cousin over for a visit. We hadn't seen each other for a while, so I gently touched on the subject of making creams (which I could also talk about at great lenghts). Her eyes didn't glaze over, but neither did they light up - until she said: "Do you know what I really want to do? I want to make soap!"

I bought the 25 kilos soon after and we've been making soap every weekend since. And that's a lot of soap!

The photo: My 25 kilos of Caustic soda with Russian letters.  I wonder when I need to buy another bag!


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