The magic of real soap

It started for me in the south of France. I bought a bar of soap at the grocery store. "Marseille" it said on the soap itself. It was olive green and looked very, very French. I took it home with me and lasted a long time and it felt nice. Somehow softer and mellower that the detergents that I had gotten used to. Of course it was castille soap made of olive oil. I realized that this was actually real soap. Like we used to have when I was young. The very one and same that I had read for years and years that one should NEVER use to wash your face because it is too harsh!

Harsh!? NO, no, no, not true.

So I started looking for these simple soaps. Couldn't find any at the stores. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate was all that was on offer. And that just didn't do it for me anymore. So I began to wonder how these soaps were made. I mean, back in the old days people had to make their own soap, so how did they do it. Well the internet is the answer to all questions and I soon found out about how to make soap.

It didn't seem very difficult, but positively dangerous, but I was still interested. Then I started looking for ingredients. That proved problematic. Living on an island with a small population it can be very difficult to find stuff. Almond oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose and castor oil I could find a exorbitant prices in small quantities in the Apothecary. Coconut oil was very expensive and anything exotic like avocado oil, shea butter, cocoa butter I simply did not find. And then lye. Boy did I have to look for that. I found it, in 25 kg. bags! I wanted a few hundred grams! You know, like they used to sell to unclog drains. That would just about be the right amount. But NO! No such luck. So I gave up thinking about making soap and started making moisturizers instead. Still do those and haven't used store bought creams since then. It's been a year and most people say that I look years younger than my age. I of course attribute that to my wonderful creams. More about those later.

The photo: The first 100% Olive oil soap that I made, with a wooden thingumajig that I bought in a sale somewhere,my
pearls and a bowl from 1947 (it has a date on it) that I picked up in the Good shepheard fleamarket.



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